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Robert Garcia of California criticized House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for refusing to ask Congressman George Santos to resign, despite Santos’ indictment that included wire fraud.

In an interview with American Voices, Garcia expressed his disappointment in McCarthy’s lack of accountability and accused him of empowering extreme voices within the GOP.

Garcia referred to Santos as a liar and a fraud, highlighting the need for action against him.

The discussion then shifted to the GOP’s stance on debt talks and the economy.

Garcia condemned the Republican party’s proposal, which he deemed as unbelievable.

He argued that the proposed cuts would have devastating consequences, such as harming veterans, reducing support for seniors’ healthcare, and causing potential job losses for teachers.

Democrats, according to Garcia, simply want to fulfill their financial obligations and pay bills incurred during the Trump administration.

He accused Republicans of holding the American economy hostage and playing dangerous games with people’s livelihoods.

Moving on to immigration, Garcia expressed concerns about the House GOP’s passage of a restrictive border patrol bill.

He criticized the bill for demonizing migrants and even defunding nonprofit organizations that provide essential services to migrants, including medical care, food, shelter, and water.

Garcia described the bill as cruel and heartless, contrary to the values of the country.

He emphasized the need for comprehensive immigration reform, which both the President and Congress support.

Democrats, in addition to border security, aim to create a comprehensive package to address immigration issues and benefit the economy.

Garcia concluded by expressing gratitude for the positive votes on immigration issues and highlighted the absence of chaos that some Republicans may have anticipated.

He called on Republicans to show genuine interest in helping the economy and working towards comprehensive immigration reform, rather than being indifferent to the welfare of those seeking assistance in the country.

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