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Local Band “The Cold Stairs” Promotes New Album at Space Monkey Records in Evansville

Renowned local band “The Cold Stairs” made a visit to Evansville today to promote their latest album at Space Monkey records and nearby Roadkill Music and Media Salvage.

The band took time out from their busy touring schedule to meet with fans, friends, and family while they were in town.

Guitarist Chris Tepp spoke about the band’s approach to the new album, stating that adding a bass player helped remove constraints the band had faced during their decade-long time as a duo.

“Just timing, it worked out good.

We just got back from Europe and we’re talking about maybe adding a third person.

Our record label price became available and we snagged him and got him in the band, and creatively it just opened up some doors to be able to write for a three-piece for this record, versus writing for a two-piece and trying to pull that off live,” he said.

Tepp also mentioned that the band will be touring outside the U.S from May to August and plans to be back in the tri-state area with performance dates at the Boca Lounge in September and December during a stateside tour.

Fans of “The Cold Stairs” can stay informed about their upcoming performances and news in the Evansville, Owensboro, Henderson area, including weather, sports, and entertainment by following Eyewitness News 25/7 on their website.

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