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Remains of Man Who Disappeared After Texting 911 Found in Courtyard of Abandoned Santa Monica Property

The mysterious case of a man who vanished after texting 911 in 2021 has taken a tragic turn as his remains were discovered in the courtyard of an abandoned property in Santa Monica.

Beau Mann, a 38-year-old tech CEO, had been missing since November 2021 after getting into an Uber in Studio City.

The discovery of Mann’s remains has deepened the mystery surrounding his disappearance.

The Santa Monica Police Department is now treating his death as a possible homicide.

Mann’s fiancé, who spoke to reporters, expressed her devastation over the loss, describing him as a loving individual who always brought positive energy to everything he did.

According to the Santa Monica Police, the CEO’s remains were found two weeks ago in the courtyard of the abandoned property.

Investigators are now working diligently to uncover the truth behind his tragic fate.

They have not ruled out the possibility that Mann may have been taken to the location against his will.

The founder of Sober Grid, an app for recovering addicts, was last seen on November 30th.

He and his fiancé had picked up supplies and hailed an Uber to head to their Brentwood home.

However, for unknown reasons, Mann changed his destination to an address on Berkeley Street in Santa Monica.

His fiancé expressed skepticism about the change, as it didn’t align with their plans or make sense to her.

During the Uber ride, Mann also sent a text to 911 seeking help, but he never received a response.

After that point, his phone was never used again.

The exact circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear, but his remains were found approximately 1,000 feet from the Berkeley Street address.

Mann’s fiancé raised concerns about the lack of search efforts in the area where his remains were ultimately found.

She questioned why no search dogs or search parties were deployed to locate him.

She believes there are still many unanswered questions, including the potential involvement of the woman who lived at the Berkeley Street address and has since passed away, as well as the knowledge the Uber driver may possess.

Authorities are currently investigating the cause of Mann’s death, and while the Uber driver is not considered a suspect at this time, they plan to speak with him as part of their ongoing inquiry.

The community remains deeply concerned about the circumstances surrounding Beau Mann’s disappearance and subsequent death, hoping that the investigation will shed light on the truth and provide answers to the lingering questions.

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