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The red light safety camera pilot program has been issuing citations for nearly a year. We want to determine its effectiveness in preventing red light violations and how many citations have been dismissed.

Gym Bunnies has all the details. According to the Department of Transportation, the pilot program is considered a success.

They have noticed a decrease in red light violations by 20 to 40% at the 10 intersections where the cameras are installed, and there have been few accidents reported. Since the installation of the cameras, over 13,180 citations have been issued, with 204 of them being dismissed.

The dismissals were mostly due to various valid reasons such as the person who received the citation no longer being the owner of the vehicle, or where the judges determined that the person who received the citation was not the driver. It is unclear why two of the dismissals occurred. Despite this, the responsibility for the citation falls on the owner of the vehicle according to Hawaii Revised Statutes. The director of the Department of Transportation, Sniffen, hopes to expand the program statewide.

More information about the program and an interview with a driver who received a warning will be discussed on tonight’s KHON 2 News at 10..

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