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The weather this weekend will be very hot, with temperatures expected to be near record highs. Tomorrow, there is a chance of breaking the record with a temperature of 89 degrees. However, a cold front to the north will slowly move southward and arrive next week.

So, we will have to be patient for a break in the warm and humid air mass that we are currently experiencing. Rain and wind will accompany the frontal system and are expected to arrive by midweek of next week. For Veterans Day, the forecast calls for a lot of sunshine and temperatures rising quickly. By the afternoon, temperatures should reach around 88 degrees with an easterly wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour.

Overnight lows will remain warm, and there might be a few showers as moisture from the Caribbean and the Atlantic moves in our direction. Some areas, like Kyaro and Isa Marada, have already experienced showers, while Ocean Reef is currently receiving rainfall. These showers are a result of moisture pulled into the area. Tomorrow, there will still be enough low-level moisture to produce some showers in the western parts of Monroe County.

However, the eastern side should remain relatively dry due to the easterly flow. Overall, the weather looks good heading into next week before the slow-moving front arrives.

Once the front passes through, we can expect gusty winds from the east at speeds up to 25 miles per hour for three days, Tuesday through Thursday. There is also a chance of picking up more showers during this time. In the tropics, although it is the end of hurricane season, there is still a low chance of development in the Caribbean. The National Hurricane Center is monitoring a broad area of low pressure with scattered storms.

However, this is not expected to become a significant problem. Tomorrow, temperatures will once again reach a high of 88 degrees, close to a record high. Sunday will also have fairly high temperatures before they begin to drop off.

As the frontal system approaches, Tuesday through Friday will bring a chance of showers and cooler temperatures..

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