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May 12, 2023 – Weather Forecast: Heat Advisory in Western Oregon and Washington

The latest weather forecast for the Portland metro area indicates record-breaking temperatures and a heatwave in store for Western Oregon and Washington.

On Friday, May 12, 2023, the temperature soared to 90 degrees in Portland, marking the earliest occurrence of a 90-degree day in five years.

This heatwave comes just two weeks after the previous record set in 1998.

The warm weather is expected to continue over the weekend, with temperatures projected to reach the 80s by noon on Saturday.

The east wind, caused by high pressure both in the upper atmosphere and east of the Cascades, will contribute to the rising temperatures.

As the wind descends the mountain ranges, it warms up, leading to even higher temperatures in western Oregon.

A heat advisory has been issued for all of Western Oregon and most of Western Washington, beginning on Saturday and continuing until Monday.

The advisory is a result of a high-pressure system and a low-pressure system moving up the coast.

This combination of weather patterns creates favorable conditions for warm and dry east winds.

However, relief from the intense heat may arrive on Sunday or Monday when a low-pressure system moves over Oregon.

Although the temperatures will still be warm, they are expected to drop slightly, keeping them in the 80s rather than reaching the 90s.

The low-pressure system is expected to linger for several days, ensuring warm temperatures persist throughout the upcoming week.

In addition to the heat, beachgoers can expect warm temperatures along the coast, with Astoria reaching 87 degrees and other coastal areas in the 80s.

Cooling will gradually occur from south to north on Sunday.

Climbers and outdoor enthusiasts are advised to exercise caution during this hot weather, especially those planning to venture into higher elevations where the snow may not have solidified.

Central and eastern parts of Oregon will experience sunny and hot weather, with temperatures climbing into the 80s and 90s.

Pendleton and Bend are predicted to reach 85 and 81 degrees, respectively, on Sunday.

However, thunderstorms may be possible on Monday, accompanied by warm and windy conditions.

Portland residents can expect a sunny and hot weekend with gusts of wind up to 25 mph on the east side of town.

Sunday and Monday will see temperatures around 90 degrees, with a chance of showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon, which may provide some relief from the heat.

Starting on Tuesday, temperatures are expected to cool slightly, settling in the 80s for the rest of the week.

As this heatwave continues, it is important to stay hydrated, seek shade, and take precautions to stay safe in the high temperatures.

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