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An unfortunate incident occurred yesterday (23rd) at Seoul Children’s Grand Park where a spotted zebra escaped from its enclosure.

This two-year-old male Grant’s zebra named Sero had been showing signs of rebellion for the past two months, and the reason for this behavior has yet to be determined.

Sero broke through the wooden fence surrounding his enclosure at around 2:40 pm yesterday and wandered through the streets and residential areas for three hours before being recaptured.

According to the Seoul Facilities Management Corporation’s YouTube channel in January, Sero’s parents had already been returned to their habitat, but Sero refused to return to his home and even got into a fight with a kangaroo.

To tame the rebellious Sero, zookeepers tried to feed him by hand and introduce him to toys.

The Children’s Grand Park is now investigating the cause of the escape and implementing measures to prevent future incidents.

They also plan to assign a dedicated veterinarian to take care of Sero’s health.

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