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A Rare Empty Bottle Sold for 4.5 Million Won

The latest search term on the online platform “Oh! Click” is a single empty bottle that was sold for a whopping 4.5 million won.

The bottle, known as a Gongbyeong in Korean, was listed on a domestic second-hand trading site.

Despite being just an empty bottle, it was priced at an exorbitant amount, with no possibility of exchange or return, and shipping fees being extra.

Without any liquor inside, it is almost no different from a recycling glass bottle.

However, the recent surge in demand for premium liquors such as Soju and Whiskey has brought attention to the reselling of these rare empty bottles, thus causing an increase in their value.

With the variety of bottles available on the market, prices range from a few thousand won to over 140,000 won.

Some bottles are even priced at an astonishing 4.5 million won, like the Louis XIII Black Pearl empty bottle, which was released in limited quantities of 700 worldwide in 2007.

These bottles have become a target for collectors and are also used as premium props in liquor stores, which has caused their value to skyrocket.

Although personal sales of alcohol are illegal under Korean law, there are no specific regulations regarding the sale of empty bottles.

Many collectors have expressed their interest in obtaining such bottles, and some even require the expertise of specialists to authenticate them.

As the interest in these rare empty bottles continues to grow, it seems like it may be a profitable investment for those looking to enhance their collection or for solo entrepreneurs looking for some extra income.

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