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The upcoming weekend in Orlando is looking quite damp and rainy.

The temperature is expected to drop from 68 to 64 degrees by 11 pm tonight.

Although the rain will dissipate for a short while, it will pick back up again tomorrow morning, with temperatures around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, 47 degrees in Ocala, 50 degrees in Leesburg, and 52 degrees in Orlando.

Cloudy skies and some light sprinkles are expected around 9 am, but it should be dry by noon.

Another round of rain is expected in the afternoon, with more widespread showers later in the evening around 9 pm.

It’s not going to be a great day to spend outside, with the attractions forecast showing rain decreasing by 6 pm and temperatures hovering around 60 degrees, with a high of 64 in Ocala.

On Monday, the first day of spring, isolated showers are expected.

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