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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

Fire officials have stated that the rain in Mililani Mauka has helped to suppress some of the flames, but it is also making the work more challenging for the crews on foot. Their goal is to create a fire line in the steep terrain. The Honolulu Fire Department reports that containment of the Moca Fire, which has been burning for over a week, is at 90%. Aircrafts are continuing to drop water, while the Mendocino Hot Shots and other crews have been working all weekend on the difficult and slippery terrain, clearing a fire line and facing hazards such as slipping and falling.

The Mendocino Hot Shots, a group of about 20 with the U.S. Forest Service, specialize in reaching areas that are difficult to access in order to clear potential fuel for the flames, such as fern trunks and branches. Once these fuel sources are removed, the fire is less likely to spread. Fire crews have noted that overnight rain has been helpful in taming the flames, with 0.18 inches of rain recorded near the fire by the National Weather Service.

Residents have noticed some positive signs, with improved air quality and decreased smoke and ash. Some residents even feel comfortable enough to go outside for exercise. Air quality monitors near the burn area have shown good levels, and schools are operating as normal.

The Mendocino Hot Shots typically stay at each location for two weeks to gain experience in dealing with fires in various environments. One concern for the crews is the humidity, as many of them are accustomed to the dry California heat and must be cautious of heat exhaustion. Overall, the crews will continue their efforts to prevent further spread of the fire..

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