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In a dramatic turn of events after the PSG vs Rennes match today, Lionel Messi was seen storming off the field in a fit of rage.

Witnesses report that Messi was particularly agitated towards Mbappe during the match, and after the game, he made a beeline for the locker room without acknowledging his teammates or fans.

This unexpected behavior has sparked intense speculation among football fans, with many wondering whether there is trouble brewing between the two star players.

Despite initial reports suggesting that Messi was furious with Mbappe, sources close to the PSG camp have denied any tension between the two players.

Regardless of the cause of Messi’s outburst, his actions have once again put the spotlight on PSG and their superstar roster.

As the team looks to make a strong push for the title this season, fans will be eagerly watching to see whether Messi and Mbappe can put aside any differences and work together towards their shared goals.

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