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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

If you want to come on stage tonight, you should face GOP voters and resign. I will give up my time to all of you.

Joining me now is R McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee. R, thank you for being here.

Some are saying that Republicans have continuously lost elections under your leadership and question why you should keep your job considering the party’s track record. What is your response to that? Firstly, I will continue to focus on Joe Biden and the Democrats.

During the debate, there was a missed opportunity to talk about the 13 American hostages in Israel and the historic Jewish co-sponsorship. Our country is going through uncertain times, and Republican voters, who express this sentiment frequently, are tired of infighting within our party. They want to discuss important issues like Biden, the Democrats, the border, Fentanyl, crime, our children’s well-being, and inflation. I will certainly defend my record as chair. R, I agree with everything you just said.

I couldn’t agree more. However, I know you believe in accountability, as you often talk about it.

That’s why I asked about another matter. I apologize for taking too long to get to the point. I’m not trying to avoid anything.

I promise you that. Laura, when V didn’t vote in 2016, I led Michigan to its first win in 30 years in 2018. We defied the odds and got three Senators, including Josh Hawley, who helped President Trump establish a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. In 2022, the RNC, known for its strong turnout efforts, played a significant role. However, we don’t create campaign messages; that’s the responsibility of well-paid consultants.

In Virginia, people questioned the RNC’s assistance, but I know for a fact that we were not asked for money. It seems that the story keeps changing.

Anyone who thinks Virginia Republicans didn’t want help when they were outspent by $8 million is not being serious. Glenn Younan did a phenomenal job raising money, and many people don’t understand the limitations of state and federal committees. The RNC cannot raise state dollars or have unlimited convention and state funds.

These were state races for the state house and state senate, and the RNC is a federal committee. Those who constantly criticize me on Twitter need to show their results.

How much did they contribute in Virginia? In 2022, we took back the House, and the RNC played a crucial part. We’re building the road and launching “Bank Your Vote.” We have a lot more to discuss.

Thank you for joining us tonight. Hey, Sean Hannity here.

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