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We are experiencing calm weather here, which is a welcome change. However, there is active weather along the Gulf Coast, which is beneficial for those dealing with drought conditions. The Pacific Northwest continues to receive a significant amount of rain, while we remain dry.

The Rocky Mountains are absorbing the moisture from the atmosphere, and we can expect temperatures to rise into the 50s by Sunday and next week. Tonight, the overnight lows will be in the low to middle 20s with clear skies. On Saturday, it will be mostly sunny with high temperatures in the mid to upper 30s (closer to the north and east) and low to middle 40s for most of us. There is a chance of high-level clouds in the morning on Saturday, but the afternoon will have plenty of sunshine with a southeast wind of 10 to 20 mph.

Saturday night, there may be some clouds which could affect the viewing of the Northern Lights. It is advisable to be patient with the clouds, look to the north, get away from city lights, and hope for breaks in the clouds. By Sunday morning, the clouds will clear, and we can expect wall-to-wall sunshine throughout the day.

However, the wind will be strong with gusts over 40 mph, resulting in high temperatures of 52 in Minot, 53 in Carlshrew, 48 in Bateau, and 50 in Bells. This will be our first 50° day since the October snowstorm, with our last one occurring on October 22nd when we reached 64 degrees.

Although the 50s will be enjoyable, the downside is the increasing winds, with speeds of 10 to 20 mph on Saturday and much stronger westerly winds on Sunday by 10:00 a.m..

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