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In a major blow to the Russian army, Ukraine has claimed that they have lost 1845 tanks in Ukraine.

This loss has been described as a defeat for Putin’s army, which is the second most powerful army in the world.

Additionally, Ukrainian sources have reported that over 163,000 Russian soldiers have been neutralized since the beginning of the war.

Both armies have lost thousands of military equipment and armored vehicles during the conflict, which has now lasted for a year.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, has urged Ukraine’s allies to quickly supply ammunition, stating that every day without it, a fighter dies.

He also criticized Western allies for not providing military support quickly enough, pointing out the importance of artillery shells for Ukraine’s defense.

Kuleba emphasized that “partner measures must be faster.

And if delivery is delayed for one day, someone will die on the front lines.”

The city of Bakhmut has been identified as one of the places where ammunition is urgently needed.

Ukrainian forces have been defending the city against repeated Russian attempts to take control for over seven months.

It is crucial that Ukraine receives the necessary support from its allies to continue its defense against the Russian aggression.

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