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PSG fans have been criticized for their behavior towards Lionel Messi, even after his successful partnership with Neymar.

Despite Messi’s contributions to the team, PSG fans have not shown him the respect he deserves.

In the recent football news, PSG played against Bayern Munich and fans were hoping to see Messi in action.

Although he did not score any goals in the match, he played a significant role in the team’s overall performance.

The match ended in a 1-0 win for PSG, with Neymar scoring the only goal.

Despite the win, some PSG fans were seen booing Messi during the match, which has caused outrage among football enthusiasts.

Messi is regarded as one of the greatest football players of all time and has been a key player for PSG since joining the team.

The club management has not yet commented on the fans’ behavior towards Messi, but many fans are calling for them to take action and show Messi the respect he deserves.

It remains to be seen how PSG will handle this situation and whether they will take steps to ensure that their star player is treated with the respect he deserves.

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