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Providence Street Renamed in Honor of Longtime Judge

Providence, RI – In a heartfelt dedication ceremony, a section of Fulton Street in Providence is being renamed to Judge Selya Way to honor the legacy of Judge Selya, a lifelong resident and prominent figure in the city’s legal community.

The renaming comes as a tribute to Judge Selya’s exceptional service as the longest-serving Rhode Island Appeals Judge for the First Circuit.

Mayor Bruce Elliot, along with city councilors and a gathering of judges, family, and friends, assembled at the block adjacent to the courthouse to commemorate this significant event.

Judge Selya’s contributions to the revitalization of the downtown area surrounding the U.S.

Courthouse were highlighted during the ceremony.

The city councilor for downtown expressed gratitude for Judge Selya’s instrumental role in the transformation of the downtown landscape.

The decision to rename the street in honor of Judge Selya underscores his remarkable achievements and deep-rooted connections within the community.

His lifelong dedication to upholding justice and his extensive service as a respected judge have left an indelible mark on the city of Providence.

This renaming ceremony is a fitting tribute to a remarkable individual who has contributed significantly to the legal profession and the betterment of the community.

The newly christened Judge Selya Way will serve as a lasting reminder of Judge Selya’s legacy and his enduring impact on the city he called home.

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