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Today marks one week since the tragic mass shooting at Allen Premium Outlets, and protesters are still rallying, demanding action in response to the devastating event.

The shooting took place in front of the H&M store last Saturday at 3:36 PM.

Within four minutes, an Allen police officer shot and killed the suspect, but not before eight innocent lives were lost.

The impact of this tragedy has been profound, leaving a little boy without his parents and brother, a mother without her two daughters, and parents without their children.

A growing memorial outside the outlet mall stands as a reminder of the lives lost and has become a focal point for people to express their shock, anger, and desire for change.

The anger felt by many has become a driving force behind the demand for stricter gun laws and an end to gun violence.

In Allen Forest, reporter Brent Solomon covers the aftermath of the shooting and the recent protest held by activists.

The protesters gathered at Green Park in Allen for the Mother’s Day of Action, joining similar events taking place across the country.

They called for a ban on assault weapons and an end to gun violence.

The community’s proximity to the scene of the shooting added a personal dimension to their plea for change.

During the protest, signs, shirts, and impassioned speeches filled the air as the crowd voiced their concerns.

They expressed the fear of losing more lives and the potential loss of future inventors and innovators if gun violence continues unchecked.

The group Moms Demand Action organized the rally, vowing to keep pushing until they see concrete actions taken.

As the community continues to mourn, people have been bringing flowers and mementos to the makeshift memorial at the scene of the shooting.

This display of support will continue until Tuesday morning when the community plans to deliver these items to the families of the victims.

The tragedy in Allen has sparked a strong call for change, as residents unite in their demand for increased safety and stricter gun control measures.

The protests serve as a reminder that the fight for a safer future is far from over.

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