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In the wake of the release of a video showing a Walgreens security guard shooting and killing alleged shoplifter Banko Brown, and the subsequent decision of the district attorney not to press charges against the guard, protesters have taken to the streets of San Francisco, demanding justice for Brown and calling for the resignation of the district attorney.

The protest began outside the San Francisco Walgreens where the incident took place and made its way through the streets, culminating in a march to San Francisco City Hall.

Demonstrators voiced their anger and frustration over the district attorney’s decision, arguing that the shooting was unjustified and that Brown’s death should not go unnoticed.

The district attorney, Brooke Jenkins, defended her decision, stating that the surveillance video proved the security guard acted in self-defense.

However, critics disagreed, arguing that Brown was attempting to flee and was not looking for a confrontation.

Brown’s family attorney, John Burris, expressed his sadness and called the shooting tragic, emphasizing that a minor event should not have resulted in the loss of a life.

Supervisor Matt Dorsey expressed his condolences for Brown’s death and commended the district attorney for her transparency in the investigation.

He urged caution and emphasized the importance of waiting for a jury to make a final judgment.

However, other city supervisors, aligning with the views of the protesters, called for the state attorney general to review the case, claiming that the district attorney’s decision granted security guards a license to shoot and kill black and transgender individuals accused of shoplifting.

This protest is one of several scheduled demonstrations in response to the district attorney’s decision.

Another protest is set to take place outside San Francisco City Hall on May 23rd.

The controversy surrounding the shooting and the district attorney’s decision has sparked a heated debate about self-defense, police aggression, and racial bias.

As the protests continue, the demand for justice for Banko Brown remains at the forefront of public discourse.

Note: The provided information was fragmented and included some irrelevant parts, which made it challenging to create a coherent news article.

I have done my best to synthesize the available information into a readable piece.

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