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Protests erupted outside a small business in Sacramento on Sunday, where a drag queen story time event was being held for children.

The business owners had requested police protection due to demonstrators outside their doors.

A Sacramento police officer was positioned outside the Poppy and Pot of Floral and Pottery business, prepared for protests in response to the drag queen event.

Despite the protests, the drag queen story time event went on, which was captured on the store’s Instagram page.

Co-owner of the store, Doreen Reichenberg, said that her business had been threatened by hate groups, but that the love drowned out the hate.

She also explained that drag queen story time is an event for families and parents choose to bring their children to it.

The protests were met with counter-protesters, and the police made one arrest due to an assault on an officer.

The business owners also shared that they had faced threats to their own safety and even had their home address and pictures of their children shared online.

The event showcased a small business seeking a safe space for all, while facing threats from extremist groups.

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