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Fulton County prosecutors have announced new charges and a reindictment for two individuals charged in connection with the murder of a 6-month-old child.

The accused shooter and alleged getaway driver/accomplice now face additional charges and are accused of having gang connections.

The shocking incident took place in Northwest Atlanta, where two men were shot and killed, while another was injured and hospitalized.

The shooting occurred during an argument on France’s Place around 6:30 PM.

Authorities have not yet identified any suspects in the case.

The accused individuals appeared in court, where prosecutors revealed that they are members of a gang.

Due to their alleged gang involvement, the entire case has been reindicted, and prosecutors plan to present gang evidence during the murder trial.

The new charges complicate the legal proceedings, as one of the defendants, Sharis Ingram, had been released on bond but is now facing charges of party to commit aggravated assault and murder.

Prosecutors claim that Ingram was present when murder suspect Queasy Little pulled the trigger, resulting in the tragic death of the 6-month-old victim, Grace Fleming Gray.

The development of new charges prompted discussions about admitting gang evidence in the trial.

Defense attorneys expressed their concerns and questioned the relevance of gang information to the murder of Grace.

Little’s attorney emphasized the lack of gang-related evidence in the case.

Meanwhile, Ingram’s defense team may consider negotiating a plea deal, although the new charges have complicated the situation.

The grieving mother of the deceased child, who previously spoke to FOX 5, expressed her devastation and urged individuals to make better life choices.

The state is preparing to prosecute the case, and they have requested to sever the defendants and try Queasy Little first.

The high-profile trial continues to garner attention as it unfolds.

Please note that the article’s length has been condensed due to the limited information provided.

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