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Pollen Season Lengths Increasing in Portland, Allergy Sufferers Seek Relief

Allergy season in Portland has reached one of its worst points as pollen counts soar to unprecedented levels.

A recent study conducted by Climate Central on pollen season lengths has revealed a concerning trend of prolonged seasons.

Experts confirm that allergies are in full swing, leaving individuals across the city struggling with symptoms.

The peak grass pollen season in Portland is currently wreaking havoc on allergy sufferers, intensifying their discomfort.

The length of the pollen season has been influenced by the prolonged dry weather experienced in the area, with little rainfall for an extended period.

Emily Travillian, an allergy nurse at the downtown Allergy Clinic in Portland, has observed this trend over her 23-year career.

Researchers have documented the continuous lengthening of pollen seasons year after year.

This phenomenon has been a significant change in the region over the past two to three decades.

The Willamette Valley, where Portland is located, has earned a reputation for its high pollen count.

According to the Eugene OR Allergy Associates counting station, Tuesday’s pollen count reached a staggering 1300, marking the highest level recorded in 25 years.

To put this into perspective, a count of 200 is considered very high.

Although Portland experiences high levels of grass pollen, they are relatively lower compared to Eugene.

On Wednesday, Portland’s pollen count was reported to be in the upper 700s, according to data from The Weather Channel.

The local allergy clinic collects pollen counts three days a week using an impact air sampler.

This device samples the air by rotating a rod, capturing pollens over a 24-hour period.

The collected samples are then analyzed to identify the types of pollens present.

While allergy nurse Travillian refrains from categorizing this season as the worst, she admits to experiencing an overwhelming influx of patients seeking relief.

Allergy sufferers are advised to stay vigilant and seek appropriate remedies to alleviate their symptoms.

As the pollen season prolongs and allergy sufferers endure significant discomfort, it is crucial to prioritize self-care and consult healthcare professionals for effective management strategies.

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