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Buses filled with numerous processed migrants arrived at San Diego International Airport on Saturday, marking the end of their arduous journeys from various parts of Mexico towards the U.S.-Mexico border.

CBS reporter Regina Yorida spoke with several migrants at the airport as they prepared to fly to their next destinations.

The migrants were seen being dropped off just outside the airport, where they proceeded to check-in lines or self-service kiosks to sort out their tickets.

While some carried luggage, others arrived with nothing but their hopes and aspirations.

Wearing masks and carrying legal paperwork, these individuals, who had been traveling for months, awaited their flights to reunite with family or sponsors in other states.

One Ecuadorian man, who had stayed in Mexico, expressed relief after waiting four months to have his claim processed.

He and his 14-year-old son were heading to New York to be with their family.

The implementation of Title 8 has led to the initiation of the asylum process, with many migrants being picked up near the San Isidro border by Border Patrol agents and transported in SUVs to processing facilities.

It is at these facilities that their asylum claims are officially initiated.

After their legal paperwork has been processed, many migrants are transferred to shelters located in Mission Valley or Imperial County.

This approach helps accommodate the influx of migrants and prevent overcrowding in the facilities.

While the exact number of processed migrants remains unknown, the Catholic Charities organization has reported sheltering up to 500 to 700 processed migrants on a daily basis.

As migrants continue to arrive at the San Diego International Airport, their journeys reflect the ongoing challenges and complexities surrounding immigration and asylum-seeking in the United States.

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