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Funeral to be given to fetus found in the trash

Groups in favor of pro-life from Mexicali will prevent the lifeless fetus of six months, found in the municipal dump, from ending up in a common grave.

Groups in favor of life will give a dignified burial to a fetus that was found in the municipal dump just over a week ago.

The 25-week-old female fetus was found lifeless among the garbage on March 5 by a worker.

The pro-life groups hope that the body will be released by the forensic medical service in the coming days to be buried in the Garden of Rest after voluntary contributions were made for its burial.

Until now, there have been no persons who have claimed the body.

These groups have held 13 funerals for gestating babies that are abandoned in public places.

The congress of the state legalized abortion in October 2021, but the Ana Maria law approved in 2011, which allows women to give up unwanted children for adoption, has not been enforced.

In other countries, such as Europe, this law allows babies that mothers feel they cannot keep from zero to three months to be surrendered at the general hospital without being accused of abandonment.

However, this law has not been made known in Baja California, and pro-life groups insist that the state’s congress apply it to prevent home abortions.

The president of the National Front for the Family in Baja California reported that since the decriminalization of abortion, 7,500 abortions have been performed in the state.

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