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Prince Harry to attend father King Charles’ coronation without Meghan
After months of speculation, the guest list for the upcoming coronation of King Charles has been released.

Prince Harry will be attending the ceremony, but his wife Meghan will not be joining him.

A spokesperson for the couple confirmed that Prince Harry will attend, but the Duchess of Sussex will stay in California with their children.
There has been much speculation about why Meghan won’t attend, but one of the main reasons could be that their son Archie’s fourth birthday falls on the same day as the ceremony.

Meghan has previously expressed her desire to remain in the United States, and it is likely that she wants to spend her son’s birthday with him and their family and friends.
Another reason for her absence could be the tension between the families, with media reports suggesting that her presence could overshadow King Charles’ important day.

The fact that Harry is attending shows some unity within the family, despite recent rifts highlighted in his memoir.

The couple was also not allowed to attend the traditional balcony ceremony for the Queen’s Jubilee, further highlighting their estrangement from the family.
The world will be watching as the ceremony takes place, with hopes that this event may create the groundwork for a unity between a father and son in the future.

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