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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to embark on a weeklong trip to Asia, with stops in South Korea and Japan.

The Prime Minister will first visit Alberta to meet with the Canadian Armed Forces personnel assisting in the wildfire efforts before heading overseas.

During his first official visit to South Korea, Prime Minister Trudeau is expected to engage in discussions with the South Korean President, focusing on trade-related matters.

Trade is anticipated to be a significant part of their conversation, as the Canadian delegation aims to promote Canada as a source of critical minerals for battery production and manufacturing.

This aligns with Canada’s push to establish a battery production facility in Ontario through negotiations led by the Industry Minister.

Another key agenda item for the Canadian delegation is Canadian LNG (liquefied natural gas).

South Korea is a partner in the LNG Canada project and is eager to explore alternative sources of energy due to concerns about the reliability of gas supplies from Russia, particularly in light of the situation in Ukraine.

Canada’s abundance of natural resources makes it an appealing choice for South Korea.

The trip also holds a military component, as the Prime Minister will be visiting the Kapyong Trail, a critical defense point during the Korean War that Canadian troops defended.

This visit will serve as a memorial to honor the sacrifices made by Canadian soldiers during the war.

Before departing Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau will meet with members of the military who are assisting in the wildfire efforts.

The meeting will take place at the Canada Reception Centre in Edmonton, where the Prime Minister’s delegation and staff will make a brief stopover before continuing their journey.

Trudeau will join them in Alaska, where the plane will refuel, signaling his awareness of the ongoing wildfire situation in Alberta.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s trip to Asia carries significant importance for Canada’s trade relationships and energy partnerships, while also recognizing the contributions of Canadian military personnel and the pressing issue of wildfires in Alberta.

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