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Presidential campaigns for both parties held events in South Florida this week. While Republicans focused on the debate, Biden campaign officials met with Florida Democrats to counter the stage and a rally by former President Trump.

Joining us now to discuss the event and how Democrats can win the State of Florida is Nikki Free, chair of the state’s Democratic party. Thank you for joining us tonight, Nikki.

What does President Biden need to do to win Florida? First of all, President Biden has had a tremendous record in the last three years. He has implemented effective economic policies, achieved a record number of legislative accomplishments, and secured victories.

To win Florida, President Biden needs to showcase these accomplishments, come to the state, and explain to the people how these achievements will impact their daily lives. For example, the chips program has created numerous high-paying jobs in Florida and across the country.

The infrastructure bills will also generate more jobs by improving roads, replacing sewer systems, and upgrading infrastructure. President Biden must highlight these accomplishments and continue to build on his record while creating a diverse coalition based on democracy and freedoms. President Biden’s poll numbers have taken a hit recently, particularly due to his response to the conflict in Gaza. What are Florida voters looking for from him regarding this conflict? Florida has the third largest population of the Jewish community, including myself.

President Biden has shown strong support for the state of Israel, and this has united the Democratic Party in Florida. Our minority leaders in both the House and Senate, along with our Congressional Delegation, stand behind the president. The energy in Florida revolves around supporting our ally in the Middle East.

However, we also recognize the complexity of the issue and are heartbroken for the innocent Palestinian lives being lost. Our ultimate goal is always peace in the Middle East. Besides the debate, there has been drama in Florida recently with Donald Trump flipping a handful of State lawmakers to his side, including some who had previously supported DeSantis. Do you believe Democrats can benefit from this? Absolutely. Florida Democrats are in a unique moment where the Republican Party, under the leadership of DeSantis, has taken our state in an extreme direction.

Florida has always had a libertarian nature, but this extreme shift gives Florida Democrats the opportunity to focus on the everyday issues affecting Floridians. We have the highest inflation in the nation, skyrocketing property insurance rates, and an affordability crisis in healthcare.

While DeSantis is running for president, there is an internal civil war between his camp and the Trump camp, which further aids Democrats. We are united in addressing the everyday issues impacting Floridians, including the economy, access to reproductive healthcare, and protecting democracy and freedom. Republicans have failed to address these concerns.

The internal civil war within the Republican Party will ultimately help Democrats as there will be a reckoning for the direction Republicans have taken our state. Thank you, Nikki Freed, for your insights. We appreciate your time.

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