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President Biden’s Re-Election Campaign Faces Chaos, Says Fox News Host

In a recent episode of ‘Fox News Tonight,’ host Kayleigh McEnany criticized President Biden’s leadership, stating that his re-election campaign is in a state of total disarray.

McEnany highlighted the mounting anxiety among some Democrats and shed light on the campaign’s lack of a headquarters, shortage of full-time staff, and the absence of a finance director.

The political team has refrained from publicizing their fundraising numbers, causing panic among donors.

McEnany pointed out that the chaos extends beyond the campaign itself.

She cited examples such as the increasing crime rates across America, collapsing regional banks, and the record-setting influx of illegal immigration at the southern border.

While some media outlets downplayed the situation, referring to the border as “busy” or “crowded,” McEnany presented images that painted a different picture.

She compared this reporting to the infamous description of the BLM riots as “fiery but mostly peaceful.”

Another example of chaos highlighted by McEnany was the situation in Afghanistan, now under the control of the Taliban.

She displayed videos of the tragic events at the Kabul airport, where 13 American service members lost their lives.

McEnany reminded viewers of President Biden’s promise that the withdrawal would go smoothly, contrasting it with the devastating outcome.

The Fox News host also discussed concerns within the Democratic Party regarding the campaign’s infrastructure.

Some publications suggest that President Biden’s team may be overly confident about a potential Biden-Trump rematch, despite dismal poll numbers.

McEnany mentioned a poll by The Washington Post, showing Trump and De Santis leading against Biden.

She questioned Biden’s future actions on the campaign trail and whether he would be actively engaging with voters or simply sleeping.

Citing the same poll, McEnany noted that Biden’s approval rating is the lowest on record for any first-term president a year and a half before the next presidential election.

She concluded by stating that the chaos witnessed under President Biden’s leadership is evident to all.

Despite the challenges, McEnany expressed optimism, highlighting the existence of numerous strong Republican candidates for the upcoming election.

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