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President Biden visited Naval Base Point Loma, which is home to some of the world’s most capable attack submarines.

Squadron 11, which is responsible for equipping and training six submarines to provide combat forces in the Indo-Pacific, is in charge of the submarines stationed there.

Lieutenant Cecilia Cajandig, who works on mission and training, highlighted the importance of the squadron not just in selling submarines but also in conducting exercises with other countries.

The squadron’s Commodore, Captain Kenneth Douglas, said his 1500 sailors work tirelessly to ensure that any of these submarines have called upon by the president tomorrow are ready to deploy on a moment’s notice.

During wartime, the submarines at squadron 11 are tasked with sinking enemy ships, while during peace time, they conduct intelligent surveillance and reconnaissance.

President Biden highlighted the USS Missouri during the announcement of the submarine deal with Australia and the United Kingdom.

The exact details of the deal are still being worked out by the three nations, but they are looking at home ports like San Diego and other places that have submarines to see how they do business to determine what portions of that they’re going to adopt for themselves.

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