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President Biden Approves Federal Assistance for Severe California Storms

President Joe Biden has approved California’s emergency declaration and request for relief funding following severe storms that hit the state this week.

More than half of the counties in California are part of the emergency declaration from the governor’s office.

The storms have caused significant damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure.

A tree fell in a Carmichael homeowner’s backyard, damaging the Sacramento sewer pump station and causing sewage to overflow.

Crews worked quickly to set up a bypass to get the system working again for people in that area.

Several neighborhoods in Santa Cruz were cut off by a creek that swelled due to heavy rain, destroying a section of Main Street.

Some residents in the area do not have running water due to flooding.

The storms also caused a roof to collapse at a distribution center in Oakland, killing one person who was a longtime employee of the company.

In addition, the severe weather has led to power outages and road closures throughout the state.

The federal assistance approved by President Biden will provide much-needed relief to communities impacted by the storms, helping to cover the costs of emergency services, debris removal, and repairs to public infrastructure.

The emergency declaration and relief funding will help California recover from the damage caused by the severe storms, allowing communities to get back on their feet and rebuild.

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