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President Biden Approves Emergency Declaration as California Braces for Flooding

Parts of California are under threat of flooding as a new storm system, known as an atmospheric river, brings heavy rain to the state.

The storm is expected to worsen damage in areas that have already been hit by recent storms, including those that dumped several feet of snow.

Millions of people are under flood watches, and concerns have been raised about the possibility of flooding, avalanches, and mudslides.

President Biden has approved an emergency declaration for parts of California, allowing for federal assistance in response to the potential flooding.

CBS News correspondents Elaine Quijano and Nikki Battiste reported on the situation, with Carter Evans joining them from Placerville, California.

While residents in the area are prepared for the storm, they cannot predict how much rain will fall or how much flooding will occur.

The amount of flooding will depend on the snowmelt, as there is snow on the ground a few miles away from where Evans is reporting.

Rivers are expected to reach flood stage, potentially as soon as today or tomorrow.

The atmospheric river is expected to last through tomorrow and possibly into next week, with more storms on the horizon.

The snowmelt is a particular concern, as it could cause flooding.

However, there is some good news: California’s extreme drought has eased in recent months, and officials are releasing water from the spillways of the state’s largest dams to prevent them from overflowing.

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