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Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario, has recently made controversial statements regarding the Greenbelt, calling it a “failed policy” and refusing to rule out further development in the area.

As questions arise about his plans for the Greenbelt, Ford’s remarks have sparked confusion and discussion.

When asked about his decision to involve the province’s bureaucrats in exploring the Greenbelt as a solution to the housing problem, Ford clarified that he did not provide any specific areas of land for consideration.

However, he emphasized that the housing crisis prompted this exploration.

According to Ford, the Greenbelt was a flawed policy implemented by the previous Liberal government, which underwent 17 changes during their tenure.

He expressed his belief in protecting wetlands, marshes, and ponds from development, stating that an additional 2,000 acres had been added to the Greenbelt.

However, Ford emphasized the need to build homes in existing communities where suitable land is available.

With 450,000 people arriving in Ontario last year, the province is experiencing rapid population growth, and Ford argues that homes, including affordable and non-profit housing, are essential.

He also highlighted the province’s strong economy, with over 650,000 more people employed compared to when he took office four-and-a-half or five years ago.

When directly questioned about the possibility of further development in the Greenbelt, Ford did not rule it out, indicating that the government will continue building homes to meet the growing demand.

The Premier’s remarks have raised concerns among those who advocate for the preservation of the Greenbelt and have led to debates surrounding the balance between housing development and environmental conservation in Ontario.

The issue remains a topic of interest and contention as the government’s plans for the Greenbelt continue to unfold.

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