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UP Nikay Chunav Result: Pramila Pandey Emerges Victorious in Kanpur, Challenges Opponents with Strong Words

Kanpur witnessed the triumph of Pramila Pandey once again as she secured victory for the mayoral position in the municipal corporation elections.

Following a decisive lead in Kanpur, Pramila Pandey expressed her views and sent a strong message to her opponents.

When asked about her historic win, Pramila confidently stated, “Why are you asking about old matters? We will record this victory as a mark of our success.

Soon, your result will be announced, and the people of Kanpur will know what it means.

The people have shown their support to me, indicating that they have replaced the corrupt with the truthful.

The victory of truth is always inevitable.”

Emphasizing her connection with the people of Kanpur, she asserted, “I have failed in pleasing some individuals, but what does it matter? We are not working for personal gains or benefiting any specific family.

The progress of our city is our priority.

Their blood runs in their own veins, while mine runs in my family.

It is unnecessary to explain that even a small election has the power to transform lives.

Just as a daughter or daughter-in-law of someone, say something meaningful for us.

They have made their decision, and it is up to them.

We will dedicate ourselves to our party and our city.”

Pramila Pandey’s victory in the Kanpur municipal elections has showcased her strong influence and political prowess in the region.

With her win, she promises to continue working for the betterment of her constituents and fulfill the aspirations of the people of Kanpur.

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