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Prabhas and Kriti Sanon’s Wedding Rumors Surface Following Success of Adipurush

Following the massive success of their film Adipurush, actors Prabhas and Kriti Sanon are making headlines once again.

Speculation about their romantic relationship has been circulating, and now rumors of their impending wedding have emerged, leaving fans excited and curious.

The highly-anticipated trailer launch event for Adipurush took place amidst grand celebrations, captivating fans worldwide.

Numerous videos from the event flooded social media platforms, driving netizens into a frenzy of anticipation.

During the trailer launch, Kriti Sanon looked stunning in a white and golden saree, garnering praise from onlookers.

She took the opportunity to shower compliments on her co-star, Prabhas, highlighting his simplicity.

Comparing him to Lord Ram, Kriti said, “He’s as simple as Prabhu Ram, I’d say.

He is so simple from the heart.”

Recent media reports have suggested that Prabhas and Kriti are dating and share strong feelings for each other.

However, the actors have remained silent on the matter.

ETimes, a trusted source, has confirmed that there is no romantic relationship between the two stars.

In a recent interview with a leading portal, Kriti Sanon expressed her admiration for Prabhas.

When asked about the unique qualities she appreciates about him, Kriti mentioned his expressive eyes and the profound emotions they convey.

She stated, “Sometimes, I’ve seen his shots where the camera is really close, and there is so little that he does with his eyes, yet you can really feel everything that he is feeling.

I think he is one of those people whose eyes are really expressive and very deep.

There is something very pure about him.”

As the rumors of Prabhas and Kriti’s wedding spread, fans eagerly await confirmation from the actors themselves.

While they have not addressed the speculations, their on-screen chemistry in Adipurush and the praise they’ve exchanged have only fueled the excitement among their supporters.

What are your thoughts on the potential union of Prabhas and Kriti?

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