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One person was killed in a possible road rage incident that occurred in Marina del Rey on Monday.

Authorities are currently investigating the shooting, which took place on Lincoln Boulevard.

The suspect, who remains at large, reportedly confronted the victim on the Marina Freeway before firing shots into the victim’s Volkswagen, resulting in the driver’s death.

The suspect then fled the scene in a black Kia, without a license plate or further description.

The incident has shocked residents of the area, as Marina del Rey is not accustomed to such violent events.

The busy Lincoln Boulevard has been shut down indefinitely in both directions as investigators work on gathering evidence at the crime scene.

Aerial footage captured by Fox News showed the victim’s vehicle and the aftermath of the shooting.

Eyewitnesses have provided some information to investigators, but the motive behind the confrontation leading to the shooting remains unclear.

The competing traffic on the road, particularly during rush hour, may have contributed to the tense situation.

As authorities continue their investigation, they hope to gather more evidence to build a case for murder against the suspect.

The identity of the deceased driver has not yet been released, pending notification of the family.

Residents in the area expressed their dismay over the incident, with one individual mentioning a personal traumatic experience related to traffic incidents.

The community hopes for justice to be served in this tragic event.

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