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Transitional Improvements: Helping Homeless & Formerly Incarcerated Grocery Store Shooting; 1 Injured, 1 in Custody

A potential breakthrough has occurred in the Middle East today, as Israel has agreed to cease fighting for a few hours each day to allow the US to pursue hostage negotiations. We have comprehensive coverage on this matter tonight.

Our reporter Chris Welch is following the latest developments in Gaza, but first we will go to Sharon Crowley, who is reporting live from Bryant Park where anti-war demonstrations are taking place. This live report comes from outside the New York Public Library, where a significant demonstration against the war is currently underway. Approximately 20 minutes ago, the protesters left this location and started marching south down Fifth Avenue.

Earlier, we captured video footage of the demonstrators expressing their opposition to the Israeli bombings in Gaza. They argue that their voices are being silenced and innocent children are losing their lives. Israel’s retaliation is a response to the surprise deadly terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7th, which led to hundreds of people being held hostage in Gaza. A substantial number of the protesters present today are New York City public school students.

Some of them walked out of classes, while others joined after school to show their support for innocent people in Gaza. One of the participants expressed their motive for being there, emphasizing the need to stand in solidarity with their fellow Muslims and calling attention to the rampant loss of lives, particularly among children, in Palestine. The demonstration we witnessed today is only one of several that have transpired over the past few weeks. A few Jewish families were also present, holding signs with pictures of hostages, ensuring that the captives are not forgotten.

Having left the vicinity of the New York Public Library half an hour ago, the protesters are likely.

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