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KGW Viewers Celebrate Super Kids in Their Lives: Incredible Stories of Passion and Perseverance! Portland residents concerned for safety as light pole removal sparks darkness

Residents of Portland, Oregon have expressed safety concerns after Portland Parks and Recreation began its plan to remove and replace 243 light poles in 12 parks throughout the city.

The Bureau stated that they were removing light poles that have been identified as having structural anchoring issues which could pose safety hazards to the public.

However, many park-goers are worried about safety in the dark and feel that the process is moving too fast without enough public input.

Although the Bureau has secured five million dollars for the project, they are still pursuing funding options to replace the remaining lamp posts.

The process is expected to take several months, and updates are expected to be announced soon.

In the meantime, Portland Parks and Recreation plans to prioritize park rangers at impacted sites and close parks at 10 pm to ensure safety.

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