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Residents of the town of Pond in Kern County, California are struggling to cope with persistent flooding that has caused significant damage to their homes and community.

After being hit by devastating flooding last week, the community was flooded again on Thursday morning, leaving many fearful that it could happen again.

Community members and local farmers have come together to help each other pick up the pieces in the aftermath of the storm.

However, many residents are concerned about the safety of their drinking water, and the state has issued a do not drink notice for the water system north of Pond Road.

One resident, Pat Blevin, who has lived in Pond for over 60 years, says she has never seen flooding like this before and has been calling officials to prevent flooding from happening again.

While the evacuation notice was lifted on Thursday afternoon, many residents remain fearful of more flooding, especially with more rain forecasted for Sunday.

The Red Cross has been delivering food and supplies to the community throughout the day, and volunteers have been providing support to those in need.

Despite the challenges, residents are coming together to help each other cope with the persistent flooding and its aftermath.

As Blevin says, “we don’t want a Band-Aid, we want it fixed.” Hopefully, with the support of their community and officials, the residents of Pond can recover from this devastating flooding and prevent it from happening again in the future.

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