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Police Conduct Raid at Imran Khan’s Residence, Part of London Development Plan!

London, UK – Police conducted a raid at the residence of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in London as part of a wider development plan for the area.

The raid, which took place on Thursday, was reportedly aimed at cracking down on any potential criminal activity in the area.

Imran Khan, who has been residing in the UK for several years, owns a luxurious house in the area which was searched by the police.

It is unclear at this time whether any items were confiscated during the raid.

The operation was part of a wider initiative to develop the area where Imran Khan’s residence is located.

The plan includes the construction of new buildings, parks and other public spaces to revitalize the neighborhood.

London authorities have not released any further details about the operation at this time.

The Pakistani Prime Minister has not yet commented on the raid.

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