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A suspect who shot a metal ball through the glass window of a high-rise apartment in Incheon using a slingshot was arrested by the police.

The suspect, A, who lives in a neighboring building in his 60s, was identified as the culprit through CCTV analysis and was apprehended at his home around 10:30 am today (17th).

A pile of slingshots and metal balls were discovered at A’s residence, along with target practice materials.

The police plan to request a detention warrant after further investigation.

Meanwhile, Park Kyung-seok, the former representative of Janghyun, who led subway protests demanding disability rights budgets and other demands, was arrested by the police today.

The police presented an arrest warrant to Park, who had just finished a press conference behind bars, and informed him of his Miranda rights before escorting him to the Namdaemun Police Station.

Park was repeatedly asked to attend 18 times due to charges of occupying roads and disrupting train operations during subway protests since January of last year, but he refused to comply, resulting in a court-issued arrest warrant.

Starting today, the collection of congestion tolls at Seoul’s Namsan and Il-san tunnels will be temporarily suspended for two months until May 16th.

In the first phase, tolls will be exempted for vehicles traveling towards Gangnam from downtown starting at 7 am this morning.

In the second phase, tolls will not be collected in both directions from April 17th to May 16th.

Toll collection will resume as usual starting at 7 am on May 17th when the exemption period ends.

This measure is intended to verify the effects of exempting congestion tolls.

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