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Poland detains Russian spy ring accused of planning sabotage

Polish security services have detained nine members of a Russian spy ring who were allegedly planning acts of sabotage in Poland.

Authorities believe they entered Poland via Belarus and were monitoring railroad routes used for military weapons supplies to Ukraine.

The group was monitoring railway lines near a military airport in southeastern Poland, the same airport where President Biden landed on his way to Kiev last month.

Polish authorities suspect the spies were planning to sabotage plans to send military weapons to Ukraine.

The arrests mark the first public acknowledgement of such an action, though experts say it is not surprising that countries in conflict have spies attempting to obtain information to gain an advantage.

The spies were working covertly until they were discovered.

The Russian-backed separatists against Ukraine or the Russian External Service, the SVR, could have orchestrated this, experts say.

However, the key is to gather information, and everyone does it whether in war, conflict, or not.

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