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March Madness Returns to Sacramento’s Golden 1 Center, Brings Potential $10 Million Revenue Boost Podcaster and Husband Slain by Alleged Stalker Despite Filing Order of Protection

Podcast host and blogger, Zora Sodegi, and her husband, Muhammad Malad Nasari, were allegedly shot and killed by their alleged stalker, Ramen Hoda Karamazai, in their Seattle area home.

According to newly released documents, Redmond police were already investigating the suspect for stalking the couple a week before the murder.

The victims had filed for an order of protection against Karamazai, who had allegedly harassed Sodegi to the point where she had a “deep-seated fear for her safety.” The suspect had initially contacted Sodegi as a fan of her podcast and sent her gifts, but his behavior soon intensified, with Sodegi documenting dozens of phone calls, voicemails, and text messages.

Despite blocking him on social media and phone, Karamazai continued to contact her.

The suspect, who was a long-haul trucker living in Texas, was difficult to track down for serving the order of protection.

The case has sparked debate about the difficulty of prosecuting stalking, with Washington State lawmakers considering a bill to lower the standard for prosecuting stalking.

The police chief in this case urged victims to document everything and report stalking incidents to the police as soon as possible.

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