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Title: Pleasant Weather Ahead with Brief Shower Chances Tonight

Date: May 7, 2023

Good Sunday morning! Today’s weather is expected to be warm and pleasant, resembling the enjoyable conditions we experienced yesterday.

Temperatures are forecasted to reach the seventies for many areas during the afternoon.

Looking ahead, the extended forecast indicates more delightful weather with only limited chances of showers.

Although the possibility of showers is not completely zero, we may see a few passing showers in our region later tonight.

Starting the day with plenty of sunshine, the morning sun will help raise temperatures from the fifties to the lower sixties, eventually reaching the mid-seventies in some areas this afternoon.

The day may be slightly breezy, and we can expect a few more clouds moving in throughout the day.

However, it should remain dry overall.

In terms of specific temperatures, the north country can expect temperatures near 70 degrees, while Lebanon and Conway may reach 74 degrees.

The Merrimack Valley to Rochester and along the coastline could experience temperatures in the mid-seventies.

It’s a beautiful day to spend time out on the lakes, but it’s crucial to note that Lake Winnipesaukee’s water temperature is currently at 49 degrees, which is very chilly.

Water temperatures below 60 degrees can be dangerous to humans, as they pose risks such as cold shock incapacitation and hypothermia.

It is advised to limit time spent submerged in water.

Despite the uncomfortable water temperature, if you plan to be on the beach, go boating, or kayak, please keep these risks in mind.

High pressure will continue to dominate New England’s weather for one more day, providing stable conditions.

However, a weather system over the Great Lakes will move closer to our area tonight.

As a result, we can expect mostly cloudy skies and a few passing showers, primarily in the southern zones.

The majority of the showers will occur in the upper valley, the lakes region, and points south.

Once you go north of Meredith or Center Harbor, the night should be mostly dry.

Any early morning clouds tomorrow will quickly clear, allowing plenty of sunshine to build in on Monday.

Although slightly cooler than today, Monday is expected to be very pleasant and seasonable, with temperatures around 60 degrees in the north and reaching around 70 degrees farther south.

The pollen count will remain very high over the next couple of days, as birch, maple, and ash continue to be the predominant allergens in early May.

Tuesday will be a bit cooler, with temperatures in the sixties inland and fifties along the coastline.

Partly to mostly cloudy skies are anticipated.

However, we can expect temperatures to rise near 70 degrees again on Wednesday.

The remainder of the week will see temperatures in the lower to middle seventies, with a slight chance of another quick shower on Friday.

Overall, the upcoming week promises pleasant weather conditions, with some minor variations in temperature and a few passing showers.

It’s a great time to enjoy outdoor activities while keeping an eye on the changing weather patterns.

Stay tuned for further updates and make the most of the delightful days ahead!

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