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Residents in San Bernardino Mountain Communities Still Struggling to Recover from Heavy Snow and Rain Damage Pinellas County Deputy Ambushed and Shot by Felon with 56-Crime Rap Sheet, K9 Partner Survives, Sergeant Kills Suspect.

Pinellas County Deputy Ambushed by Felon with Long Rap Sheet, Shot in the Neck, Hand, and Leg

A Pinellas County deputy was shot in the neck, hand, and leg on Sunday night while responding to a vehicle burglary report.

The deputy, Corporal Matthew Aitkin, was ambushed by 23-year-old Zion Bostick, who had a long rap sheet with 56 crimes committed in the last six years.

Bostick fired three shots at Aitkin and three shots at Sergeant Jacob Viano, who was also responding to the call.

Viano fired back, killing Bostick.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said that Aitkin and his canine partner, Taco, were not alone when the shooting occurred.

If it weren’t for Viano’s quick response, Aitkin’s outcome would have been different.

Aitkin had surgery on Monday morning and is now recovering.

Bostick’s rap sheet includes 18 arrests, 34 different felonies, and 22 different misdemeanor charges, including grand theft, drug crimes, and crimes with guns.

He had been to state prison twice and was supposed to be in court last week for attempted burglary and driving with a suspended license, but he did not show up.

Police say that Bostick had a second gun on him, one that was reported stolen from a car.

Sergeant Viano is on administrative leave, and the St.

Pete Police are now investigating to ensure the use of force was justified.

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