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man is facing multiple charges
related to a fatal hit-and-run

32-year-old Ryan
Smith allegedly struck a
pedestrian on Main Street
and fled the scene.

The victim,
identified as 45-year-old
Jonathan White, was
pronounced dead at the

Smith was apprehended
by law enforcement shortly
after the incident and is now
in custody.

He is expected to
appear in court later this

In other news, the deadline
for proposed budget cuts in
South Dakota is approaching.
State officials are reviewing
various areas for potential
reductions in order to address
budget shortfalls.

proposed cuts cover a wide
range of sectors, including
education, healthcare, and

communities and organizations
have expressed concerns
about the potential impact of
these cuts.

Residents are
urged to provide their input
before the deadline to ensure
that their voices are heard.

Turning to weather, a cold
front is expected to move
across the state, bringing
cooler temperatures and a
chance of precipitation.

National Weather Service
advises residents to dress
appropriately and stay
updated on local forecasts.
Rain showers are predicted in
the eastern region, while the
western part of the state may
experience thunderstorms.
Drivers are advised to exercise
caution on the roads, as wet
conditions may affect
visibility and road grip.

In sports news, the local
high school football team has
advanced to the state
championship game.

The Pierre
Tigers secured their spot in
the final after a thrilling
victory in the semifinals.

team’s strong performance
throughout the season has
garnered attention and
support from the community.
Fans are eagerly looking
forward to the championship
match, which will take place
this weekend at the state

The Tigers will face
off against their longstanding
rival, the Rapid City Rams, in a
highly anticipated showdown.

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