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Picayune Police Reveal New Information on 30-Year-Old Cold Case Involving Infant’s Death

The Picayune police department has revealed new information on a cold case involving the death of an infant that occurred almost 30 years ago in Mississippi.

The case was reopened after detective Rhonda Johnson found the evidence box and made it her mission to find the two stone of the baby known as Heaven’s Angel.

According to the police, the baby was believed to have been born and killed on April 15th, 1992.

The story of how the baby was found is heartbreaking.

A farmer called the police, saying that he found a baby in a blanket with other trash wrapped up inside of it.

The farmer used to feed dough from a pizza place to his pigs and would often pick up extra dough out of garbage cans.

One day he found the baby in the trash and called the police.

Despite the case remaining open and cold for years, modern technology allowed the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation to obtain DNA that was well-preserved by the Picayune Police Department.

They sent the DNA to Texas to try and get a match on who the parents were, and eventually, they were found in Louisiana.

Two suspects, Inga Johannsson Carey and Andrew Kay Carey, have been taken into custody and are being held in the Jefferson Parish jail.

They will be transferred to Mississippi as soon as they bond out.

The police believe that the couple thought they had gotten away with it and were surprised when they were arrested.

The story of how this case got solved after so many years will be further discussed by the detectives and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation in later reports.

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