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Interior Health is conducting an investigation into an alleged incident of offensive comments made by a health care worker in a patient’s medical file.

Robert Monroe, who had filed a claim with WorkSafeBC after a work-related injury, was shocked to discover the derogatory comments made by the physiotherapist who treated him at Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops.

The comments included descriptions such as “Redneck hit to death uneducated seems to fear his own shadow” and “I think he’s playing the system more than he should.” Monroe has filed a complaint with Interior Health, and an investigation is underway.

WorkSafeBC expects contractors to be respectful and considerate towards patients and clients, and where the code of conduct has been breached, there will be a thorough investigation.

Monroe believes that the physiotherapist should lose his job and wants an apology.

The hurtful comments have since been removed from Monroe’s file.

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