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Interior Health investigates after physiotherapist writes offensive comment in patient’s file

An investigation is underway in Interior Health after a health care worker allegedly made offensive comments in a patient’s medical file.

The man, Robert Monroe, who was struggling with a work-related injury, was stunned to see the derogatory comments that the physiotherapist had written about him.

Monroe had filed a claim with worksafe BC and met with a physiotherapist at Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops, but after the appointment, when he checked his worksafe file online, he found comments describing him as a “Redneck hit to death uneducated seems to fear his own shadow,” and “playing the system more than he should.”

Monroe filed a complaint with Interior Health, and the organization has said that an investigation is underway.

In a statement, Interior Health said that the language from this transcript is not what they would expect from an employee regarding a patient or client, and they will be following up on these concerns.

WorksafeBC also expects contractors to be respectful and considerate, and where the code of conduct has been breached, there will be a thorough investigation.

Monroe said that the hurtful comments have since been removed from the file, but he thinks the physiotherapist should lose his job at the very least.

Meanwhile, CTV tried to reach the physiotherapist but did not hear back.

The incident has raised concerns about patient confidentiality and the need for healthcare providers to maintain professionalism and respect when dealing with patients.

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