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Part two of ‘The Zone’ clean up begins in downtown Phoenix

The city of Phoenix has initiated the second phase of the cleanup effort in the downtown area known as ‘The Zone,’ targeting people experiencing homelessness.

These individuals will be asked to move from the area and will not be allowed to return.

However, this move has raised concerns among some nonprofits who fear that there may be no alternative place for these individuals to go.

The Human Services Campus, led by CEO Amy Schwab, is one of the organizations trying to address the issue.

The campus provides overnight shelter to about 900 people living in the Zone.

Unfortunately, there are an estimated 2,000 people in the neighborhood who do not have a permanent place to live.

Robin Lender, the CEO of the Human Services Campus, stated that there will be no camping signs put out to prevent people from returning to the cleared-out encampment.

She emphasized that this action is not a long-term solution but a necessary step the city is taking.

To assist those affected by the cleanup, the Human Services Campus outreach team, led by H.S.C.

Can Help Move or Store Their Possessions.

However, they face a challenge as there are no more beds available across the street from the campus at Andre House.

Andre House, alongside the Human Services Campus, is also trying to help by providing about 500 meals each night, six nights a week.

Executive Director John Delaney of Andre House expressed uncertainty about the cleanup’s impact on the homeless population, as there may not be sufficient resources to accommodate all those in need.

The second phase of the cleanup has stirred debates and raised concerns about the lack of alternative options for people experiencing homelessness in downtown Phoenix.

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