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Philly Teen Murder Suspect Evades Police in Atlanta

Atlanta has become the focal point of a nationwide search for a teenage murder suspect who is wanted in Philadelphia.

Authorities are intensifying efforts to apprehend 17-year-old Dayron Burney-Thorn, the prime suspect in connection with a fatal shooting outside a high school in Philly last year.

The U.S.

Marshals Service received a tip in November, leading them to believe that Burney-Thorn was in the Atlanta area.

However, he has managed to elude law enforcement since then, prompting investigators to suspect that he is receiving assistance, possibly from family members.

“We have been pursuing Mr.

Burney-Thorn since last September,” stated a federal law enforcement official.

The teenager is one of five individuals accused of shooting and killing 14-year-old Nicholas Lasagne, who was a member of the school’s football team.

The tragic incident occurred during a gunfight between Burney-Thorn and others, resulting in Lasagne’s untimely death.

Law enforcement officials from the U.S.

Marshals Eastern Pennsylvania Violent Crime Fugitive Task Force believe that Burney-Thorn fled to Georgia following the shooting.

Credible information suggested that he was hiding in the Atlanta area.

However, despite sending numerous investigators to pursue the lead, Burney-Thorn managed to evade capture.

Investigators are now turning to the public for assistance in locating the suspect.

They believe that Burney-Thorn must have help from individuals willing to harbor him.

Authorities emphasize that he cannot continue to evade justice, and they are determined to apprehend him.

“We will catch up to him unless he does the right thing and turns himself in, unless his family comes forward and decides to bring him to authorities,” asserted a U.S.

Marshals spokesperson.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Tehran Burney-Thorn is urged to contact the provided phone number, which belongs to PA Crime Stoppers.

Alternatively, authorities can be reached via the U.S.

Marshals Service Tips app.

A substantial reward of $50,000 is being offered in connection with this case.

The search for Burney-Thorn continues in Atlanta, as law enforcement agencies strive to bring him to justice for his alleged involvement in the tragic high school shooting.

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