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Today, thousands of people gathered at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia for the annual walk to end Alzheimer’s. This event, sponsored by Fox 29 for the past 23 years, is one of the largest of its kind in the country. People continue to participate each year, inspired by personal stories and a shared commitment to finding a cure for this devastating disease. The streets of the park were filled with colorful flowers, each one symbolizing the fight against Alzheimer’s.

For eleven years, Colleen Krauss has been participating in this walk in memory of her grandfather, Angelo, who lost his battle with Alzheimer’s in 2012. Krauss and her entire family, including siblings, cousins, aunts, and children, walked together to honor their loved ones. Purple flowers represented those they lost to the disease, including their grandfather, Aunt Claire Sable, Uncle Michael Comy, and Krauss’ own mother. Blue flowers were held by individuals currently battling Alzheimer’s, while yellow represented caregivers and orange represented supporters who dream of a world without this disease.

For Samantha Fox-Lwis, the community engagement chair, being on stage during the Garden ceremony with her family and the white flower, symbolizing hope, was a deeply moving experience. Each participant had the opportunity to write a personal message on their flowers, creating a heartfelt tribute.

At the end of the walk, participants could plant their flowers in the promised garden as a symbol of their dedication to the cause. The Philadelphia walk, with nearly 6,000 participants, raised over $1.2 million for Alzheimer’s support and research. The organizers hope to reach their goal of $1.5 million by the end of the year. To show your support, visit the Fox 29 website for more information..

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